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[09 Nov 2004|08:20pm]
Ok yeah, I’m an asshole. I’ve heard it, A LOT! I understand why many of you may think this. Only problem I have with this is that most of you do not even know me, what I’m about or any of those things. Seriously it bothers me. Yeah I’ve done stupid shit that I really am truly sorry for to people I know directly and indirectly yeah and it sucks but really I am sorry. For those of you mostly making prejudgments about me id like you re evaluate your way of thinking and actually talk to me, in stead of saying shit to people you know nothing about or believing shit you hear from people whom know nothing about me. Its not that hard to get a hold of me I’m online frequently, or I’m sure you know some one who has my cell number. This is an opportunity for me to explain my self and help most of you people who think I’m an asshole to get to know me better. For those of you who know I don’t like you its also a chance to be on a clean slate and just forget about stupid shit and just fucking talk to me.
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[14 Oct 2004|02:53pm]
I really hope things dont go in the direction i think they are going in.
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[10 Oct 2004|08:16pm]
True friends dont exist. remember that.
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Long time no see [12 Jul 2004|11:40pm]
Yeah well first time in a while. SIA went on tour it was amazing so many stories that i dont feel like typing but trust me it was fun thank you mike and matt for coming and everyone who we met and helped us along the way.
Came Home Started Summer Class making some paintings have a good time with that. Went to sams Bday it was cool i didnt feel like getting wedgies so me Nicole, Bill and Meghan and Dave all stayed upstairs and watched the lizzie mcguire movie that sucks a whole lot and some TV random people kept coming up and sitting with us it was cool.
Lately i guess im just being irratble or something people have just been pissing me off like i generally dont make fun of anyone in my band or fucking pick on them or relaly fuck with anyone and just some people are just killing me. Some people always stab at me and try to embarass me everychance they get and its just tiring. or maybe im just a pussy.
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HEY DOODS [29 May 2004|12:00pm]

our good friend Keith made a beautiful post for us so

http://www.livejournal.com/users/keefofdoom/66908.html go there and vote nuggaz!
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[26 May 2004|12:58am]
New Casket Lottery is OUT!!!!!

Check it out on www.secondnaturerecordings.com its amazing
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[24 May 2004|11:31pm]
Yeha i woke up to do some delivery shit for my dad bought a corn muffin then came home and sat on my ass to do nothing for a while. Then i went and 2 movies today. Miracle and troy both were good but the first one was more fun when i was watching it. The second movie was just a better movie but my dad bores me he doesnt like to talk during movies
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POOP [17 May 2004|05:22pm]
I think i have like a permanent degestive system dysfunction of some sort i dunno its not good though. This weekend was Alright pretty uneventful Friday went to the kowalski show it was fun i got to sing a jam with them they sounded tight i wanna be in a hardcore band so bad haha. Saturday i was sick as hell felt like shit cause of my intestinal problems and among other reasons like you just cant look at someone cause you know your the one who is supposed to be there with them so i was just extra sick. Went to the shore sunday came back felt sick again. and today i just continued being sick whatever i eat it goes in and out in 20 minutes
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[14 May 2004|01:15am]
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What a Year [08 May 2004|01:58am]
Yeah so my semester is quickly coming upon its end Art History final on Monday and Final Drawing crit on wednesday. Its been tough school and just personal life we all make mistakes and we all do some good. Once again i believe ill be doing well this semester my hardwork is paying of (i think)all that rubbish about me going to school to fuck around will be revealed in a few short weeks if i do bad we definetly know that those nights ive been going to school were to booze it up and fuckaround and supposedly hookupwith asmany college girls as i can, or so what few may think. This Summer will be a blast if it all goes as planned. My plans are as Follows

1.get a Job so i can pay dave back for being kind and preventing my car from being towed away, and so i can go to rome( ill get to the rome thing later)
2. Hopefully tour but someone has been lazy or just i havent been updated on the situation.
3. book some shows
4. Make lots of art and get in that gallery
5. Take Painting classes

Yeah thats the gist of it there will be some other random little things that will happen in between most of those things hopefully those work out to. Friends have come and gone some whom i thought were turned out to be 2 faced assholes im not gonna give any names they know who they are and the probably hate me but thats ok. Some people who i knopw are my friends havent been to nice to me lately but what can you do boys will be boys i guess. I never assume im a part of anything unless im told im allowed to be but apparently im never a part of anything but im never told im not i dunno i suck.

Friends at school have been great to me they stay up late and talk and do homework with me give me a place to stay give me a person to talk to about stuff. I dunno school has jusrt been awesome to me since it began. Ive decided that i will be going to Rome to study for a semster starting january. I think i ll get accepted my Gpa is good enough ansd im applying early for that shit. Seriously i really dont think most of the people will ever understand the experience this will be for me most of the people i know just dont understand what art does to me ( wow im an art fag) haha atleast thats what some call me, but i dont see it. Music does the same thing just no one wants me to be a part of it and i cant find other people who wanna help me make more of it. IM just gonna keep on sucking everyones dick and doing things for everyone cause thats just who i am.

Last night i was up till 5 in the morning doing final porjects for my 2-D class i slept in Antons new aprtment it was way cool. Woke up payed for my transcripts to be sent to the International studies office for the Rome thing. Went to my Crit did great i pumped out some pretty cool stuff for that class. Found out im Doing really well in it and most likely getting an A. Ran around in the rain for a Bit came home Talked to alisa for a bit it was nice. Then i went To first friday with my Parents there were definetley some cool things tehre and some shit i definetely could pull off way better. I boughtan awesome print from this guy of the street he works for Paperstreetstudio check it out on paperstreetstudio.com definetely some awesome stuff i liked it alot. Went to go Eat some Middle Eastern food at Alyans on south street my dad is funny when he order always has to make the waiter uncomfortable, gotta love him. Came home looked at porn. Sat on my couch Got up aroun 1:30 and decided i need to go run so i did. Now im here. Summer is gonna be interesting i cant wait for this semester to be done
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sick [01 Apr 2004|02:17pm]
being sick sucks someone come visit me
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YES [23 Mar 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

The Freshman Art show opens up tomorrow, and i have 2 peices up in it along with a ton of my other friends works in there. Alot of impressive stuff and some not so impressive but all my dawgs have awesome shit up in there. so yeah def come out and check it out . the big day for everyone is April thrid the open house when all the highschool kids come and check out what they are getting into. so please id really appreciate it if you guiys came out on the 3rd cause ill be there and you can meet all my freinds from school and just have a good time. so please try and make the time to come out

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hahahaha [16 Mar 2004|11:30pm]
What a fucking loser

baby1888: hey baby
TheRemnantsOf: hello
TheRemnantsOf: sorry
ohbaby1888: for what
ohbaby1888: ur so hot we should have hot steamy
TheRemnantsOf: i dunno for taking so longto respond
TheRemnantsOf: awesome
ohbaby1888: do u kno who this is
TheRemnantsOf: nope
ohbaby1888: oh
TheRemnantsOf: who is this?
ohbaby1888: rachel
TheRemnantsOf: rachel?
ohbaby1888: rachel smith
TheRemnantsOf: where do i know yiou fropm?
TheRemnantsOf: sorry i cant typ
TheRemnantsOf: eim real bad with names
ohbaby1888: i hung out with you at a show before
TheRemnantsOf: and im thinking to much about my homework
ohbaby1888: and we had hot sex
TheRemnantsOf: we did?
TheRemnantsOf: see id remember that
ohbaby1888: yeh in the back of my car
TheRemnantsOf: what show?
TheRemnantsOf: ....?
ohbaby1888: at polanka
ohbaby1888: like a year ago
TheRemnantsOf: mhmm
TheRemnantsOf: thats while ago
TheRemnantsOf: who played?
ohbaby1888: i forget
TheRemnantsOf: your not playing a joke
TheRemnantsOf: cause i dont recall sex
ohbaby1888: not real sex
ohbaby1888: oral sex
ohbaby1888: i sucked you off
TheRemnantsOf: nope
ohbaby1888: yeah huh
TheRemnantsOf: i think you have the wrong dude
ohbaby1888: you have a small hairless penis
TheRemnantsOf: maybe you are right
ohbaby1888: and a tight ball sac
TheRemnantsOf: ok well i gotta get back to homework
ohbaby1888: lol ok nice talking to u again u hot son
of a bitch
ohbaby1888: call me sometime
TheRemnantsOf: yup
TheRemnantsOf: i dont have your number
ohbaby1888: 215-962-1935
TheRemnantsOf: you suck
ohbaby1888: why
ohbaby1888: ask for nicole
TheRemnantsOf: ?
TheRemnantsOf: i thought your name was rachel?
ohbaby1888: it is, nicoles my best friend, its really
her cell so shell answer
TheRemnantsOf: mm hmm
TheRemnantsOf: well fuckit
ohbaby1888: what
ohbaby1888: why
TheRemnantsOf: i dont htink im gonna call
ohbaby1888: why not
TheRemnantsOf: cause usually when people play jokes they are funny
TheRemnantsOf: this one isnt funny
ohbaby1888: man ur band sucks
TheRemnantsOf: well so does nothing sacred
ohbaby1888: who?
TheRemnantsOf: ?
TheRemnantsOf: your bad
TheRemnantsOf: band*
ohbaby1888: my band?
TheRemnantsOf: your joke isnt funny usually i enjoy these
ohbaby1888: im in a band
TheRemnantsOf: but this blows
TheRemnantsOf: yeah sure
ohbaby1888: i have to let you know something
ohbaby1888: this isnt steve dobron
TheRemnantsOf: m hmm
TheRemnantsOf: well thanx
TheRemnantsOf: i know that
TheRemnantsOf: but i know you prolly go to neshaminy
ohbaby1888: But let me tell you one thing, and im
not in nothing sacred, i ll beat your ass cockface
TheRemnantsOf: ok then
TheRemnantsOf: so then do it
TheRemnantsOf: iming people
ohbaby1888: and i love how trendy you are
ohbaby1888: you know
TheRemnantsOf: if real intention was to start a fight you should just
done it
TheRemnantsOf: ohh yeah im real trendy
ohbaby1888: emo to harcore in a year awesome
TheRemnantsOf: hahahahahahaha
TheRemnantsOf: and you arent?
TheRemnantsOf: fuck you
TheRemnantsOf: you dont know shit
ohbaby1888: i am?
ohbaby1888: im a rockibilly kid fucker
ohbaby1888: you know nothing
TheRemnantsOf: that sucks
ohbaby1888: stop using images and start palying
TheRemnantsOf: mike nest would role over in his gracve if he was
TheRemnantsOf: images?
TheRemnantsOf: ok
ohbaby1888: your punk dude, your hardcore
ohbaby1888: everything you ever wanted to be
TheRemnantsOf: and your rackabily
ohbaby1888: jsut for your fans
TheRemnantsOf: yeah
TheRemnantsOf: what fans
ohbaby1888: you rule dude
ohbaby1888: you are the man
TheRemnantsOf: we may have them but ive been the same for a while
ohbaby1888: dont stop till you hit MTV
TheRemnantsOf: we wont
ohbaby1888: good
TheRemnantsOf: dont worry
ohbaby1888: money is everything
TheRemnantsOf: ohh it is
ohbaby1888: music doesnt matter unless you get
TheRemnantsOf: cause if it was
TheRemnantsOf: then why would i bother taking on the proffession of
an artist?
TheRemnantsOf: im going to school for painintg
ohbaby1888: cause if it wasnt you wouldnt of
change your style so radically in one years time
TheRemnantsOf: and printmaking
TheRemnantsOf: im not making money
TheRemnantsOf: there
TheRemnantsOf: we play shows
TheRemnantsOf: never
TheRemnantsOf: ever ever
TheRemnantsOf: ask for money
ohbaby1888: trend
TheRemnantsOf: yeah
TheRemnantsOf: totally
ohbaby1888: cant wait till the next one hits and
how good you mimic it
TheRemnantsOf: well you waste your time talking shit on kids
ohbaby1888: nah
TheRemnantsOf: ohh we mimic alot of stuff dude
ohbaby1888: next show i go to and see you ill let
you know how i am
TheRemnantsOf: totally
ohbaby1888: for real you thrice ball hanging faggot
TheRemnantsOf: yeah
ohbaby1888: its be real
TheRemnantsOf: we hang from thrices balls
ohbaby1888: and its been fun
ohbaby1888: but not real fun you coak face
TheRemnantsOf: sure dude go listen to punk trock you faggot
TheRemnantsOf: seriously
TheRemnantsOf: its ddead dude
TheRemnantsOf: rocakbilly died
ohbaby1888: cock* dont wanna mispell your
favorite thing do i?
ohbaby1888: nothing died
ohbaby1888: faggots like you make trneds and try
to kill things
ohbaby1888: er bro
TheRemnantsOf: yeah
ohbaby1888: later*
TheRemnantsOf: ok
TheRemnantsOf: i make trends
TheRemnantsOf: what else do you have to say
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[14 Mar 2004|10:04pm]
AHHH i dunno i need to talk or something but im going crazy. I once thought i knew what love was and i was happy and content i thought i had it. then i lost my grasp and was hurled into this pit and making it harder for my self to climb out i keep thinking about this emotion called love. is it instinct is it something that you learn. do people know the true meaning of it. Im sure somepeople have found it. I think i may have and lost it. And if i did boy do i feel like an idiot now. but like I LOVE ART and i know how that feels and i LOVE MUSIC and i know what that is. At pone point i thought i LOVED somebody. but what happened. what is it what is love i wish i could understand it. somepeople do and im so jealous of them. ive just been thinking alot lately and like when i think i feel really lonely. i know i sound pathetic but whatever im supposedly an art fag. but whatever. i just seriously wish i could sit down and see where i may have gone wrong to realize that i may have once had something or to atleast know i ahve the potential to have that again. its just som,ething thats been on my mind lately. i dont want any lame hookups. or be with people that i like but then irritates me. i just want some one who well knows me. like for who i am not what i was. and for who i will be. ive learned alot in the days ive been through school and the past few months since i havent really been feeling any LOVE. and it sucks i think im happy i am with my friends i LOVE them to. but like sometimes i wish i could go back. i really do. and im sorry if i hurt any of my friends lately and if ive ever hurt anyones heart or anything like that cause honestly i dont know what im doing and im just afriad i never will. its hard to understand or talk about but i just wish i did understand. Im really not expecting any responses and im not in thew mood for smart ass shit but like i dunno id like to discuss this i already talked about it with meghan today and it was interesting. but i dunno im retarted and im gonna shut up. there is one personid just like to say hi to but that probably wont happen cause im a pussy and i dont have the balls to sayanything and also cause it wont happen.

if anyone wants to talk you can call my cell i dont care what time it is either
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[14 Mar 2004|12:31pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Spring Break is nearing its end. I had a good time. Seriously it felt awesome to be home with my friends i missed everyone alot i def put off doing alot of work for it but it was worth it. I will suffer the consequences tonight while im working on alot of my assigments. You guys should def come visit me though while im working. This week started off really well. With the Dillinger Show that was a really good time, medications was amazing. I went with Dave Mike Anton Meg-han and Nicole we had a great time atleast i think everyone did.I also went to Old country buffet for the first time ever it was trashy as shit but the food wasnt bad. We took funny pictures of me in a bath tub most of you know the reason. That was def a good time. Also wednesday i ventured to 80's and hung with a bunch of kids from school and a bunch of old friends and stuff from around. it was cool. Then that night my friends Sull and Leah from school were heading back down from their road trip so they stayed at my place and i made the breakfast and we hung out till they headed out. The Best part about my break was being with my friends it hadnt felt that good to be home in a while. I appreciate everyone hanging with me and stuff. it was a good time and thanks for the good spring break. it was def a nice break. so dont let it end there. im gonna try and make time for everyone at home cause its the first time i was that happy being home.

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[12 Mar 2004|01:00am]
for those of you who havent seen this yet

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HiYOOOO!!!! [09 Mar 2004|11:23am]
yeah yesterday was cool i picked up dave fromthe train station made some grub hung out for abit. then i went to the HS and dropped something off for my sis and then we went to mikes house and hung out with rob bill and kevin. we decided to have some fun went back to my place fucked around a whole lot then i went to the movies with jason and deric and saw 21 grams
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BREAK! [06 Mar 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

Yeah yesterday was a cool day but i didnt have my cell all day cause im a fuck and i forgot it at home. After classes me Aaron and Anton went to the city to meet Annie and to eat at reading terminal we got some awesome chinese food. After that we went to South Street for a bit and it was cool seeing our cd being sold in stores very new feeling but it just brightens up this light i can see for our selves in the future. Then shortly after we went to 948 5th street Laura Hrickos house. Thewre was this sweet gallery opening in her room and it was nice tio hang out with everyone from school and even some teachers and stuff. the art there was really awesome some weird dolls some dude made of people it was like jim henson was on crack but it was really cool. ill elaborate to people if the wanna know more. Then Soon after i took everyone home back to Tyler then i came home around 11:30 i was tired and passed out. sorry to everyone who tryed calling me and i didnt call them cause i didnt have my celly


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Break [04 Mar 2004|06:45pm]
Ive been away fro the past few days doin school shit. ive been busy cause all of my teachers decided to load us up with a ton fo work before springf break startts, but yes tomorrow is on day of classes then my much awaited break comes to me. im excited and ready to relax. i still have work todo and shit but yeah call me
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[01 Mar 2004|11:04pm]
I dont care what anyone says, but i really really like Fiona Apple. call me gay but she writes pretty good music and her voice is beautiful
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